Employment Equity Solutions.

At Phosaane Group, we offer comprehensive employment equity solutions to help your organization create a more diverse, inclusive, and compliant workplace. Our services include

Employment Equity Planning and Compliance

  1. Workplace Profile Analysis
  2. Data Collection
  3. Job Title Alignment
  4. Policy Formulation and Design
  5. Comprehensive Plan Compilation
  6. Regulatory Compliance (Submission of EEA2 and EEA4 reports)
  7. Transparent Reporting
  8. Record Keeping

Audit Support and Representation

  1. Audit Support
  2. Representing the employer in a consultative capacity during department of labor audits

Human Resources Management

Diversity and Inclusion

Project Management and Collaboration

Compliance and Reporting

FAQ Knowledge Base

Explore our knowledge base with frequently asked questions (FAQs) organized into two categories. In our first category, ‘Employment Equity Planning and Compliance,’ discover the significance of employment equity, how our workplace profile analysis benefits your organization, data requirements, the benefits of aligning job titles, assistance in policy formulation, components of an employment equity plan, regulatory compliance, reporting details, and the importance of record-keeping. In the second category, ‘Audit Support and Representation,’ find information on how we assist during department of labor audits, the employer’s role, audit preparation, ensuring compliance, multi-location representation, and the benefits of expert representation. Additionally, explore general questions on getting started, costs, applicability across industries and sizes, timelines for results, the advantages of outsourcing to us, and references and case studies showcasing our past successes