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Occupational Certificate : Chef

Apply for the Occupational Certificate program for chefs starting in 2024! 

You can apply from June 8, 2024, to August 31, 2024.

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Since our inception in 2013, Phosaane Group has thrived as an inspiring community of dedicated and talented professionals. Our singular mission: to deliver excellence in every service we provide, catering to the discerning individuals who expect nothing less than the finest

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Unlocking Academic Excellence: Elevate Your Learning with Our Expert Training Services


Master Online Management: Navigate the Digital Landscape with Our Comprehensive Training Solutions


Craft Your Career Path: Explore Diverse Opportunities with Our Tailored Training Programs


Navigating Modern Careers: Stay Ahead in the Evolving Professional Landscape with Our Innovative Training Solutions


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Equipping individuals from diverse backgrounds with culinary expertise and entrepreneurial skills

MAIN Careers
careers in demand in the fourth industrial revolution (4IR)


Building for Tomorrow: Sustainable Engineers Dedicated to Minimizing Waste, Harnessing Renewable Energy, Reducing Pollution, and Creating Everlasting, Efficient Systems for Generations to Come.

Market Research Data Miner

Unearth Insights, Drive Decisions: Your Trusted Market Research Data Miner for In-Depth Analysis and Strategic Business Intelligence.

Cloud Computing Engineering

We are accredited with QCTO & CompTIA and are partnered with multiple employers, putting us in a very unique position to equip you with the necessary skills


Seamless Connections, Engineered Solutions: Navigating the Future with Connectivity Engineering Excellence

Solar Energy Technician

Solar Energy Technician: Powering the Future, One Panel at a Time. Your Expert in Installing and Maintaining Solar Solutions for Businesses and Residences.

Software Developer

Empowering Futures: Accredited by QCTO & CompTIA, Partnered with Leading Employers – Your Gateway to Essential Skills and Unique Career Opportunities.

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Empower Your Career Journey: Unleash Potential with Our Comprehensive Occupational Qualifications. Elevate Your Expertise, Advance Your Skills, and Achieve Success in a Dynamic Professional Landscape

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